Emo lesbian Moments
♥єαт тωαт ѕмσкє ρσт αη∂ ѕмιℓє αℓσт♥ ι gσт тнє ѕωαgg кι¢кιη αη∂ тнє gιяℓѕ ∂ιρριη. ι ∂αη¢є тσ му σωη ∂яυммєя. ι ∂ιg тαттѕ αη∂ ριєя¢ιηgѕ. ιм αѕ ¢яαzу αѕ тнєу ¢υм...вυт ιм ƒυη
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I feel like I need to be under a rock…this day sucks

I just want a real fucking friend.. All these fake ass people around here

Bored someone needs to talk to meeeee

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